All You Need to Know About Climbing

Rock climbing is a worthy pursuit if you are looking for fun, fitness and adventurous activities. For those people who love the outdoors and challenges, even more, rock climbing can prove to be the best adventurous sport of their life. Rock climbing is extremely challenging but the rewards are unimaginable. Imagine yourself fit, healthy, strong, and confident, viewing the breathtaking view from hundreds of feet off the ground. The views of outdoor rock climbing are a pleasure to the eyes and the feeling of accomplishment is absolutely amazing.

Warm-up and stretch

Like any other physical activities, you also need to stretch and warm-up before starting to climb. Warming up makes you even better climber. Proper stretching of muscle will warm up your body and also improves flexibility and blood circulation. This also helps to improve climbing endurance and technique.

Plan your route always

The best climber will stare at the wall he is suppose to climb before preparing to climb it. They will plan the whole route in their heads even stops for a break. Like any other sport, these skills in climbing develop with practice. You need to go through the wall and imagine your position in order to plan the complete route. This is proven to be the most important skill required in climbing, to climb easier and faster.

Use proper techniques not only strength

Learning proper techniques to climb is equally important as a good technique can do wonders that only body strength can’t. A few technique points that will help you are:

  • Keep your arms straight and legs bent will make it easier pushing yourself up.
  • Keep your body closer to the wall
  • Strengthen the grip of your hands and use your legs to move forward.

Learn the rock climbing lingo

Communication between the be-layer and the climber is essential so you both are required to know one common lingo. Your be-layer needs to know if you are taking a break or crossing a difficult part in order to support you accordingly. These are a few climbing commands off belay, lower if you are taking a break and on belay, climbing, take while you are climbing.

Practice, watch and learn

The only way to improve and learn a few climbing techniques is to practice. Practice will also help you to develop your own techniques and styles. Practice and watch other climbers before climbing in outdoors.

Rock climbing can be done indoors or outdoors. As a beginner, it is a good idea to learn your skills and build your confidence indoor. This is the safest way to climb and many gyms provide you with the indoor climbing sessions to undergo beginner climbing courses before heading to the wall. They will guide you properly to how to tie and secure your harness, rope, and other types of equipment and will show you the necessary skills to become a good climber or be-layer. Once you head to the wall, you will get to know how challenging this sport is in reality. You will realize it even further as you take the next few days to recover from the muscle soreness. But it is totally worth it.