The Ultimate Guide for Hiking In Switzerland

Are you looking for the best trails for hiking in Switzerland? Covered with lofty peaks and shining glaciers, Switzerland has lots of spectacular hikes to be discovered. Hiking trails are well-maintained that you will love to walk.

There are several hikes but some are outstanding… you will want to be lost in the natural flora and fauna. The amazing places are everywhere whether you go towards the North or South. Check out the following best trails in Switzerland.

The Best Trails for Hiking in Switzerland

  • The Eiger

If you are planning to stay at the Grindelwald, then, the Eiger trial is the best available option for you. It is not challenging like other hikes but its appealing beauty will allure you. This is the place that visitors never want to miss at any cost. Hiking following this trial will lead to the Eiger. The Eiger is one of the popular mountains of Europe. The gigantic mountain is 4000 meters high, facing the shear wall from the North.

The wall is difficult to climb in the Alps. People trying to climb this wall face death; over a hundred people have been reported death over the year.

To start hiking, you will have to take the train route from Kleine Scheidegg. Thereafter, you have to hike down. If you don’t want to opt for the slog, then, this option would be a breeze for you. There are many great things about this hike. When you start proceeding, you can find a meandering trail just below the Eiger. Now, you have the exact scenario that climbers will have to face while hiking. When you start descending, you can capture the beautiful view of the Grindelwald valley. This is one of the interesting reasons to follow this trial.

Hike Duration: Two hours

Distance to be Covered: 6 kilometers

Altitude Gain/Loss: 90/800m

Starting Point: Eigergletscher Station

Ending Point: Kleine Scheidegg

  • Hornliweg Trail

After The Eiger, another popular spot to the visit is “Zermatt”. Surrounded by major peaks of the country, it has lots of ski resorts and spectacular scenery to explore. Matterhorn is the iconic mountain of Switzerland located in Zermatt.

The triangular wedge projecting into the sky is a must-see. When it comes to Zermatt, then, you must be familiar to Matterhorn. This peak is also targeted by climbers every year.

If you want to start hiking through this trail, then, you have to start heading up to the mountain’s base. Carry your binoculars and explore the mountaineering spots and steep paths.

Hike Duration: Two hours (approximately)

Distance to be Covered: 4.3 kilometers

Altitude Gain: 743m

Starting Area: Schwarzsee Gondola Station

  • Aletsch Glacier Panorama

Hiking through this Panorama trail and watching glaciers will be like a dream come true. Most visitors miss this large glacier. The Aletsch Glacier is near to Zermatt. Behold the sight of this glacier expanding over twenty-three kilometers and nine-hundred meters. Jungfraujoch is another place connected to this place that might be your new spot. The trial view moves along downwards to its entire path, casting an impressive scenery all over the destination.

Hike Duration: 3.5 hours

Distance to be Covered: 12.4 kilometers

Starting Point: Mosfluh

End Point: Fieschalp

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