7 Places For Rock Climbing In Switzerland You Ought To Visit

Switzerland is the most innovative and beautiful country in the world that connects us with the natural beauty. The cool breezy mountain tops, the dazzling vision of ski routes, the snowy glaciers, the astonishing sunset in the alps of Switzerland bring heaven on earth. It has superior multi-pitch climbing routes and amazing rock walls to embrace the daring adventure. Are you bored with the monotonous routine and looking for exciting and unforgettable adventures? Then, explore the must-visit seven places for rock climbing in Switzerland.

rock climbing in switzerland

The Seven Most Beautiful Adventure Destinations for Rock Climbing in Switzerland

1. Matterhorn

Due to the picturesque mountains and snow-caps, the Matterhorn is the breath-taking place

for outdoor adventures. It is well-known for the mountain of the alps which divides the border and main watershed between Italy & Switzerland. It has challenging climbing routes that attract the number of visitors and climbers due to its pyramidal shape and four faces. The best time to visit the Matterhorn, during winters due to the presence of snow and ice. It is also considered as one of the best places for snow-shoeing, hiking and camping in Switzerland.

2. Oeschinen Lake

Oeschinen Lake is situated in Bernese Oberland, Switzerland, the most beautiful alpine mountain valley is covered with several mountain creeks and blue-turquoise water. Those who are a beginner in rock climbing may find it difficult because of the steep climb and narrow mountain spots.

3. Magic Wood

Magic wood is the magnificent bouldering destination located in the high forest area. It has exceptional rocks that are good for hard-core climbers. It is not suitable for beginners because of overhanging problems so don’t start without taking climbing skills.

4. Jura Mountains

The sub-alpine ‘Jura Mountains’ is situated in the heart of northern Switzerland. It has single to long multi-pitch climbing routes so, you will enjoy this place for sure. The weather is not appropriate in spring seasons, you can pick the weather-friendly essentials along with you.

5. The Bernese Highlands

Explore the overwhelming climbing opportunities in Bernese Highlands which is mostly preferred by experienced hikers. It has famous and most scenic peaks and covered with the central mountains of Switzerland. Features a wide variety of routes for beginners, intermediate and experienced climbers. The best time to visit in Bernese Highland during July and August because the place is fully crowded with a large number of tourists.

6. Chironico

This is the interesting and super solid gneiss bouldering area for exploring the beautiful landscapes with more than 1500 boulders. Its rock texture is rough so, you can wear the climbing gloves to keep the hands safe from severe injury. The landing is pretty good and has small distances, one can easy to climb alone without any fear of the height. The place is nearby the campsites to get you an amaze of hot barbecues, creamy chocolate chips along with the climbing activity. You can also go with your kith and kin to take them in the world of adventure.

7. Jungfrau

Jungfrau is recognized as ‘Top of Europe’ because it is the highest railroad station located in the Bernese Alps. Its captivating top-mount glaciers give pocket-full experience while ice or rock climbing.

You will get a chance to see the clear sky and sunshine in the morning and snowstorm in the afternoon. The weather is unpredictable especially in mountains, always bring weather-appropriate clothes before you go.

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