Outdoor Adventures in Europe to Try at Least Once

Thousands of people visit Europe every year seeking for some great adventure. Europe is fabled land of mountains, towering peaks, valleys, and glistering glaciers. You can have an endless amount of unique and unforgettable experience in Europe. This place has so much to offer to its visitors. Adventure seekers visit Europe throughout the year for […]

Adventurous trip in Switzerland on a Budget

Switzerland tops the bucket list of many of the adventure seekers. And Swizz Alps are the most sought-after adventurous trip destination in Europe. Not only from Europe but people from all over the world visit Switzerland for fun and adventurous activities. However, many people find it a bit expensive to explore the adventure side of […]

Europe’s Best Outdoor Adventures To Add To Your Bucket List

Europe is growing hotspot for all the fun and adventure activities. People from all over the world visit Europe seeking some adventure. There are numerous outdoor adventures to be had all over Europe throughout the year for adventure seekers. Whether you are a seasonal adventurer or a rookie, there is something thrilling and adventurous for […]

Rock Climbing In Switzerland: Experience An Adventurous Paradise

Located gorgeously in the heart of the Alps, Switzerland is a beautiful mountainous country in Central Europe with several peaks over 4,000m. What makes it an amazing tourist destination contains a long list of things which includes climbing the Swiss Alps. Almost every adventurer’s ultimate bucket list features rock climbing in Switzerland. Why? In addition […]

Best Places To Go Rock Climbing In Europe

Like many sports, rock climbing is an extreme outdoor activity that requires skills. However, its difficulty level differentiates from beginners to experienced. Whether someone just started climbing or has been climbing for a long time, Europe is a climbers paradise. There are lots of popular climbing locations in the region, including places for rock climbing […]

Hiking the Swiss Alps-An Unconventional Guide

For those who love adventure and enjoy walking, Switzerland is a magnificent place for an adventurous vacation. The Swiss Alps in Switzerland has much more to offer to those who want to explore this are more. Switzerland holidays can be taken in one of the many towns or cities, or in quieter areas of mountains […]

5 Incredible Hiking Trails in Switzerland

Switzerland has always something to offer, no matter what time of year you choose to visit. Also, it is an ideal place for all type of travelers- couples, adventure seekers and families. The Alps are the longest and highest in Europe. In the heart of the mountains lies, Switzerland. It is one of the many […]

All You Need to Know About Climbing

Rock climbing is a worthy pursuit if you are looking for fun, fitness and adventurous activities. For those people who love the outdoors and challenges, even more, rock climbing can prove to be the best adventurous sport of their life. Rock climbing is extremely challenging but the rewards are unimaginable. Imagine yourself fit, healthy, strong, […]

Welcome to Life Adventure Guiding

Welcome to the new Blog for Life Adventure Guiding. We are excited to share stories from the mountains and the people who love them. On this blog you can expect to find Trip Reports, climbing and adventure news, gear recommendations and stories from Tim. Check back often and get excited about the outdoors. Please contact […]