Best Outdoor Activities to do in Switzerland – 2019

Have you planned a trip to Switzerland? It can be a tedious and daunting task to decide what to do and which places to visit. From rock climbing to hiking, adventure seekers have ample options to choose. In this informatory page, you will get to know the best outdoor activities to do in Switzerland. Best […]

Hut to Hut Snowshoeing Tours in the Swiss Alps

Hut-to-hut snowshoeing is a popular activity, especially in the Swiss Alps. Snowshoe hiking will help in creating a memorable experience that one would have never experienced before. If you are a traveler and willing to experience hut-to-hut snowshoeing, then, this page will be useful for you. Snowshoe tours are mostly preferred with family, groups, and […]

Adventure Travel Guide to the Swiss Alps

Want to explore the Swiss Alps? Outdoor adventures in Europe would have never been interesting without the Swiss Alps, as there are lots of things to do. Travelers neither require ropes or crampons, as there are unique things to do. In this guide, you will know detailed information related to the Swiss Alps. You will […]

Amazing Things to do in the Swiss Alps

Are you adventure-minded and looking forward to covering the Swiss Alps? Adventurous Sports like snowshoe tours in the Swiss Alps will add fun and goosebumps too. There are ample activities to do in the Swiss Alps but there is some amazing stuff also. Sporty and Adventurous Activities to do in the Swiss Alps Snow-shoe Tours […]

The 5 Best Day Hikes in the Swiss Alps

Switzerland is a country covered with towering peaks, scenic mountains, and glistering glaciers. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you can experience some of the best hiking trails in Switzerland. Swizz Alps are considered the best-supported mountains by backpackers for long hikes. Because they are not required to carry tents, sleeping bags or food only […]

10 Breath-taking Places For Outdoor Adventures in Europe

Europe is considered one of the best destination for an adventurous vacation in the world. It is well known for its varied cuisine, history, culture, and most importantly its unforgettable adventures. You can’t stop yourself from strapping your boots and rush to an adventurous place when you see the great Alps of Switzerland. There are […]

The Ultimate Guide for Hiking In Switzerland

Are you looking for the best trails for hiking in Switzerland? Covered with lofty peaks and shining glaciers, Switzerland has lots of spectacular hikes to be discovered. Hiking trails are well-maintained that you will love to walk. There are several hikes but some are outstanding… you will want to be lost in the natural flora […]

Beginner’s Guide To Rock Climbing In Switzerland

Lofty peaks and sparkling glaciers start coming into imagination when we think about Switzerland. This is the reason why it has become the center of attraction for climbers seeking adventurous activities like climbing. The biggest climbing spot in Switzerland is Swiss Alps. People across the world visit this place to experience fun and spot out […]

Rock Climbing-A Challenge of Balance and Strength

Rock climbing is a sport that needs a proper balance between physical and mental strength. It is a very challenging way to explore and experience the beauty of the mountains. Rock climbing can prove to be the best sport for you if you love challenges and outdoor adventure. It requires perfect body balance and strength […]

Different Types of Rock Climbing

The Swizz Alps is the largest rock climbing area in Europe. Switzerland is a very mountainous country and is situated in the heart of the Alps. There are numerous rock climbing options in this mountainous country. You can do rock climbing in Switzerland throughout the year except in the rainy season. Climbing is a fascinating […]